In my forever search for adding to my collection I’ve created a grand list of ski brands for you to reference. These brands are mainly ski attire and not so much accessories or ski gear. I’m not yet a snowboarder so I’ve forgone listing any such brands. Please use this as a reference you can return to year after year. If there is a notable brand I’ve missed please feel free to reach out so I can update the list for everyone. Enough Brands to express your style while on the mountain. 

Thank you for visiting this site! As a disclaimer, these links remain relevant I’m only linking to the homepage of each brand. You’ll have to navigate or search upon landing.  


  • H+M: affordable brand that gives a high-end feel. Great for entry level skiers.
  • Zara: much like H+M, affordable brand with high end look for entry level. 
  • GSOU Snow: affordable and stylish, definitely made to accommodate skiers.
  • Montec: A more tech look and highly affordable
  • Jojoski: retro vibes ski suits
  • Halfdays: functional and fashionable coats and pants, vegan and sustainable
  • Trewgear: Highly durable, performance snow gear
  • REI: Durable performance gear and you can shop the site many more brands
  • Columbia: Cold weather jackets that can be worn on the slopes. Good for mountaineering. 
  • Outdoor Research: Excellent outdoor and ski clothing. Plenty of venting for performance. Pass pockets and Helmet hoods. 


  • Alp n’ Rock: Swiss, sustainable, cruelty-free. Edgy, eco brand. Outwear, Apres, and the place to go for a head turning piece like a vest or skirt. 
  • Arc’Teryx: British Columbia, high performance, cold weather mountain gear.
  • Aviator Nation: California. 1970’s vibes. Excellent statement jackets.
  • Bogner: German, Italian. Started by an alpine skier almost 100 years ago. Combination of fashion, film, and skiing. Complete ski collection and annual curated campaigns. 
  • Canada Goose: Canadian. Quality mountaineering outerwear. Unofficial jacket for film crews. Dedicated to conserving polar bears. Repurpose and Upcycle programs for Parkas. Innovative, all weather brand. Complete outwear collection. These coats will keep you warm on and off the slopes and are quality pieces you can own forever or upcycle. 
  • Colmar: Italian brand, stylish performance. Olympic partner. Famous for their quilted jacket which you can find in a sustainable, recyled version. Excellent Code of Ethics. Outwear, base layers, hats, gloves, glasses. 
  • Cordova: Sun Valley, ID. Tailored and sleek, popular for their ski suit, they have all the separates pieces including après ski, hats, bags. 
  • Erin Snow: California, USA. Form, function, and sustainability. From outwear, base layers, and après ski they have you covered.  
  • Fjall Raven: Sweeden. Sustainable, innovative.  A fun outdoor brand that carries cold weather outwear and base layers. They also have hats, bags, and other mountaineering gear. 
  • FP Movement: Free People has at this point a dedicated ski shop you can visit every year. They offer a few original designers and many other brands. Après ski, accessories, fun and practical. 
  • Frauenschuh: Austrian. Third generation owned. Works with craftsman. Heritage branding, a few outdoor ski separates, all the outdoor and cold weather wear. 
  • Ferra-Style:
  • Fulsap: French Alps. Heritage collection and collaborations. Innovative and stylish.  Sporty Chic. Full collection of outerwear, base layers, helmets, gloves, socks, bags, shoes, sunnies and Apres. 
  • Goldbergh: Amsterdam. A newer, luxury brand. Complete ski collection: outerwear, helemts, skiis, basewear, hats, gloves, chalet wear, goggles, pullies, hats, bags. Activewear and swim line. 
  • Helly Hansen: Norway. Scandinavian workwear, performance for mountains and oceans. Innovative from the beginning. Breathable, durable performance for extreme environments. Fair working practices, environmentally responsible. Generally seen worn by resort employees because of durability. Complete line of outwear for the mountain.  
  • Holden: California. Innovative, sustainable luxury. Looks from the mountain to the city. Edgy outerwear. Suits, separates, base layers, gloves, gaiters, socks, slippers.
  • Ienki Ienki: Ukraine. Fashion forward, quality outerwear worn by celebrities. Quick to sell out. Suits, separates, and one of kind pieces. 
  • Jet Set: St. Moritz. Bold colorful aesthetic while still performance and quality driven. Bright and Shiny Suits, separates, footwear and creative accessories. Don’t be fooled, this brand has innovative quality. 
  • KJUS: (Shu-ss) Colorado. Created by alpine ski champion Lasse Kjus. A technical ski brand includes golf and active clothing. High performing outerwear and base layers. 
  • Marine Layer: 
  • Moose Knuckles
  • Moncler: France. Sport based brand, unique and high quality. “Born in the mountains, Lives in the city” is their philosophy and they offer the same from mountaineering outerwear and gear to apres ski styles and everything in between. 
  • My Sunday Ski: UK. A fun, luxurious, mid-range ski option. Form fitting silhouettes, suits, separates, 
  • Nikkie:
  • Norrona:
  • Obermeyer:
  • Ogiet:
  • Parajumpers:
  • Patagonia:
  • PE Nation:
  • Perfect Moment:
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Rossignol
  • Stio
  • Shoreditch Ski Club:
  • Strafe Outerwear:
  • The North Face
  • Toni Sailer
  • We Norwegians: excellent ski pants collection, spring ski suiting, base layers and apres. 
  • 8848 Altitude

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